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5 Ways for Effective Raccoon Removal in Los Angeles

Raccoons are animals originally native to North America whose habitats were mainly deciduous and mixed forests. Still, due to its adaptability and other factors, it’s range has been extended to cover mountainous areas, coastal marshes, and urban areas spreading from its native North American to mainland Europe, Caucuses, and Japan. The raccoon has become one of those pests that are the nightmare of every homeowner and inhabitant, and it is with good reason that they are considered pests considering the kind of damage they are capable of causing. The least of which is them riffling through, tipping, and making a mess of your trash. This is why raccoon removal los angeles is a sought after service.

Raccoons in Los Angeles

Female raccoons in search of a suitable nesting site are fully capable of ripping of fascia boards, shingles, or rooftop ventilators to get access to your attic. The destruction does not end there. Once they have access to the attic, they can tear up your ventilation and pass excrement all over the place, causing a possibility of infection of parasites and the like. It’s also possible that they entirely ignore your attic and instead go for your chimney or crawlspace or under your porch or a similarly dark comfortable area of your house and make themselves right at home there. And as expected of all living things, they’ll need sustenance which they’ll take from your environments such as your garden, trashcan, pool, and pet feeding bowl or the like. Whether it is freely given or not. Thankfully it is possible to get rid of them as agencies specializing in raccoon removal Los Angeles exist.

Preparation for Raccoon Removal in Los Angeles

For raccoon removal los angeles wildlife removal professionals will prepare for the trap setting. The first thing to do is to determine the source or nest of where the raccoons are. Raccoons are nocturnal animals, so it can be a bit difficult to catch them in the act, but through the clues, they leave behind, some things can be figured out. Some of the clues usually left behind are;

  • Evidence that they have fed: things to mark out the fact that they have riffled through in search of food such as a tipped over and scattered trash can, damaged gardens or fish pond, an emptied or spilled pet bowl, a disturbed compost pile or a kicked over a bird feeder, all these could potentially point at the presence of raccoons
  • Droppings: these are the excrements left behind after feeding. Usually, they pick a spot and designate it as a restroom where all members of the raccoon family in the location will use
  • Tracks: of course, they would also leave traces of their passing, which could be followed to point out where they’ve been and where they are roosting.

It is advised that once a raccoon infestation has been noticed, it should be taken care of immediately as it is easy for them to be wed and spread to the community.

Ways for Effective Raccoon Removal in Los Angeles

1.Call Experts in Raccoon Removal

The first and most comfortable method of getting rid of a raccoon infestation is to call in the experts to take care of the problem for you. For example, raccoon removal Los Angeles has professionals such as HH Wildlife removal, All city animal trapping, Orkin, and the like which are registered pest control agencies operating in the Los Angeles region. You can take some actions that could be put to use to either control, end or prevent the problem, they include ;

Restricting food sources

One of the determinants for the nesting and breeding of female raccoons is the availability of sources of food. This availability can quickly lead to an explosion of the raccoon population, turning the infestation from a single house problem to a community problem. At this stage, the whole community would have to come together to deal with the problem, as solving the issue could lead to a reinfestation from nearby sources. But if the problem is caught early and it hasn’t become serious then restricting the food sources could be achieved by

  • Ensuring your trash is secure: leaving your trash out in the open without making sure that getting to it is very difficult is an excellent way to cater to the needs of the raccoons. You have to ensure that if you must leave your trash outside, then it must be placed in very inaccessible locations or secured in such a way that it’s challenging to access
  • Cleaning up pet meals: leaving your unfinished pet meals outside is also a terrible idea, effort should be made to either clean up your pet’s feeding bowl before you turn in for the night or bring it into the house as leaving it outside with food In it will serve as a ready meal for the raccoons
  • Tidy up your yard: if you have fruit-producing trees then it would be a good idea to pick the fruits often as this natural resource could also serve as food for the raccoons as they also eat fruits and nuts
2.Fencing your property

The average standard fence doesn’t do much against raccoons as they can dig under it, climb over it, or go right through it. However, electrifying the fence by adding a single electrified wire eight inches above the ground can protect the fence against raccoons, the fence can be electrified from dusk till dawn as the raccoons are nocturnal.

3.Getting rid of potential raccoon nesting sites

Another critical method of getting rid of a raccoon infestation and preventing one if it isn’t currently a problem is getting rid of anywhere they can settle and call home, which typically includes dark enclosed spaces. Once there is no available place to nest and no available food, then raccoons will have no business on your property and will most likely exit on their own. Some easy steps to take to get rid of beating sites include :

  • Cleaning your yard: merely taking the time to clean your yard can eliminate potential nesting sites, level overgrown hedge, get rid of wood piles, remove overhanging branches that could provide access to your roof and overall tidy up the yard
  • Seal of your chimney: the chimney is a favorite spot of housing for raccoons, so it should be checked and sealed off to prevent raccoons from nesting in there. Care should be taken to ensure that you are not trapping raccoons within, and the covering for the chimney should be appropriately secured to ensure that the raccoons do not open it back up.
  • Other entry points such as porches, attic, garden and tool sheds, decks, and the like should be secured appropriately.
4.Scaring the raccoons

Raccoons are nocturnal animals, so they do not like bright lights and strange loud sounds. So if their nests have been located, they can be coerced out and scared off by exposing them to bright lights and loud noises with the aid of a recorder and outdoor lighting or a bright flashlight and then closing up their nest after to prevent them from returning.

5.Trapping the raccoons

This method isn’t advisable, except you are ready to euthanize them after trapping them or have a readily available location to release them where they are not a danger to anyone and will not be able to infest any human habitat. It is generally advanced to leave this method to the experts.

Raccoons can be a menace with their destruction and potential diseases. However, getting rid of them can be done thankfully regardless of where you are raccoon removal Los Angeles is possible by directly calling in the right agency to do it professionally or taking a DIY approach and tackling the problem yourself.

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