Animal Damage Repairs


Raccoons can tear through walls in the efforts to find a safe place to make their den. They’ve been known to exploit a small hole in the underside of a roof overhand and peel the siding away in order to gain entrance. Raccoons are very crafty and have dexterous hands in which to grasp and pull on different items. They can use those hands to manipulate their surroundings and in doing so, can cause lots of damage to our homes.

Rats have been known to chew through aluminum and concrete and will create passageways behind your walls in search of food. When repairing holes that rats have made, it’s important to use material they cannot chew through such as steel mesh.

Gophers can ravage a yard and upend beautiful landscaping. Although we are not professional landscapers, at HH Wildlife Removal, we can help repair your yard to its former glory. Gophers can create expansive tunnel systems that are hazardous if they collapse. We will be able to repair your yard and make sure the gopher tunnels are no longer dangerous.

raccoon pic

Once a raccoon, opossum, or rat gets into our attics, they have the potential to cause significant damage from their feces and urine. The urine can drip through the walls and become evident on ceilings which is almost impossible to remove without replacement. We can repair drywall and insulation that has become contaminated and make your home safe again.

HH Wildlife Remover provides full animal damage repairs. We can repair many different types of damages on your home or buildings. In fact, most of the repairs are not just aesthetic, but necessary to prevent the stray animals from returning and to prevent the spread of harmful zoonotic diseases. For more information about animal damage repairs please Contact Us.