Animals such as bats, pigeons, rats, and mice often find abode in attics. Bats are known to live in crevices of buildings and homes and find their way into attics. Mice and sewer rats crawl up from the drains and into the pipes and chew away until they find the darkness of a homeowner’s attic. Why do these animals prefer living in your home’s attic? The darkness, and less frequently used space is a good place for bats, pigeons, mice and rats to nest.

Bats are nocturnal animals so finding a dark and cool place for them to sleep during the day is hard especially when there are no caves or hollow spaces readily available for them. Attics are the best place for bats to stay during the day and feed during the night.

HH Wildlife removal professionals are licensed professionals who are capable of trapping and properly handling whatever of these wildlife that may be living in your attic. Often times, if there is an animal nesting in your attic you will find their droppings, or feces and their nests.


Rats nest in colonies so if you do find one rat, you can be sure it’s family is somewhere nearby. Our wildlife professionals will know what to do when they see your attic. Attic cleanup and restoration can easily be done by our professionals. Clean-up of feces and droppings properly should be done correctly to avoid spreading of any germs or bacteria that maybe found in the feces or nests.

If you are not sure if your attic has been infested with wildlife, then it would be best to give us a call or Contact Us and we can see what can be done to help you, your pets and your family.