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Common types of Wildlife removal services for Homeowners

Homeowners are often finding themselves in the presence of wild animals during the Spring and Summer seasons. Homeowners in Southern California often times see raccoons, skunks and possums come out during these warmer seasons. This is also the reason why wildlife removal services are at its peak because of your friendly visitors. Wildlife removal professionals are animal removal experts. They are licensed and experienced in this field. If you do have a wildlife removal problem or you are not sure, get in touch with a wildlife removal company.

What are the types of Wildlife removal services?

Wildlife removal experts provide a variety of services. The main service would be animal removal. There are several kinds of animal removal services, namely: raccoon removal, snake removal, animal trapping, rodent removal, skunk removal, possum removal, dead animal removal and bird removal. These are just some of the animal removal services that you can call them for. Wildlife animal professionals do not do insects. This would fall under pest control, but there is a different license for bugs and insect removal. Wildlife removal experts also do crawl space clean outs and attic clean outs. They also provide preventative measures such as snake fences and coyote fences, bird spikes and animal deterrents.  These are just some of the services that are provided but there is a whole lot more that they can do to animal proof your home.

Types of Animal Removal Services

1. Snake Removal

Snake removal services are obviously for snakes that you may find in your home. They will come out and trap a snake if they cannot find it, or they will do a live removal of the snake from your home. The cost is dependent on the type of snake. Rattlesnakes would cost more because these are dangerous snakes, and venomous. A lot of people are bitten by snakes in the United States alone, because they often try and handle snakes on their own. Some snakes are not venomous like the garter snake and the gopher snake, but these snakes, nonetheless, bite. If you do come across a snake in your backyard or front yard, call a wildlife removal professional immediately and keep your eye on the snake until they arrive. Do not attempt to handle the snake by yourself because there are correct ways to handle snakes.

2. Raccoon Removal

Raccoon removal is another service that is provided by wildlife removal companies. Usually, raccoon removal including trapping because it is fairly hard to do a live raccoon removal, but it is possible even if the nursery of raccoons are there. Racoons can be trapped, and animal removal services can do this. Trap set up is done usually for racoons during the day when they are all in their den. Raccoons are nocturnal, hence they only come out during the night to look for food. Do not leave food around, because the raccoons will find a way to get it. They are highly intelligent creatures and known for their wit.

3. Bird Removal

Bird removal includes bats and mainly pigeons. These are nuisance birds that often leave poop everywhere and are messy. These birds are also nosy, which homeowners find as annoying. Bird removal is done by removing the nest and sealing up where these birds are building nests. Bird spikes are also set up so that they cannot land on where the bird spikes are. Pigeons and bats are known to carry bacteria and parasites, along with viruses.

4. Dead Animal Removal

Dead animal removal is a common service that is necessary a homeowner to call for a wildlife animal professional. Dead animal removal includes finding the dead animal, removing the dead animal carcass and cleaning the area. Aside from this, cleaning and disinfecting the area is also done. The wildlife removal companies will also make sure that preventative measures are done such as sealing up vents or determining who the animal found its way to a certain place—wall, vents, crawl space, or even attic, and make sure that it does not happen again. Disposal of the dead animal is also handled by them, as it has to follow certain ways, so it does not become a sanitation problem.

5. Attic and Crawl Space Clean Outs

Wildlife removal experts also do attic and crawl space clean outs. This is a service that each homeowner should get at least once a year. The crawl space usually holds the piping, insulation, plumbing and the ventilation system, which if there are wild animals nesting underneath would be problem for the homeowners. Crawl space clean outs are good because it will prevent flooding during the rainy seasons, remove any debris or build-up of dirt such as leaves and soil due to erosion, which makes a crawl space the perfect nesting place. Attic clean outs are also essential because a lot of wild animals, such as bats that carry diseases such as rabies, can find abode in. Homeowners should always have their garages cleaned out, sheds, crawl space and attics cleaned once a year to prevent wild animals from taking refuge in these spaces. This is is also a good way to check and see that everything is functioning well or if anything needs installing or repairs.

Overall, wildlife animal experts are licensed professionals who understand wild animal behaviors and are definitely the people to call when there is a wild animal roaming around in your back yard or front yard. You do not have to do it yourself, and it is not recommended that you do it yourself just to save on the cost of hiring a wildlife animal removal service. These animals are called wild animals for a reason. If they are handled improperly, they can injure you or your family and even pets. These wild animals also carry diseases, which they are immune to but are highly lethal at times to humans. Do not go getting rid of a snake even if you think it is not venomous. A snake bit still requires emergency care because the bite could become infected. Raccoons may look cute, but they vicious animals when they feel threatened. Skunks are cute as well, but they will spray you if mishandled. Wildlife removal experts are there because they understand the behavior of these animals and know how to handle them properly without hurting themselves and without hurting the animals. It is always advisable to have a wildlife removal expert help you with any animal problems you have on wildlife.

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