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Do snake repellant work?

A lot of people do not really think about snakes being on their property except when they are hiking, maybe. Snakes are shy creatures and do not really like being around people. Scientists though have been doing studies and find that snakes do have social groups in the wild, but still not with humans. As most people would learn in school, snakes are reptiles. This means that they are cold-blooded. There are also a variety to be found in Southern California, around thirty-three or so species of snakes. There are a variety of snakes in the world, the most common to be found in Southern California are the Rattlesnakes—western diamondback rattlesnake and the Mojave rattlesnake. These snakes often times find their ways into homes, to slither away into dark crevices leading to crawl spaces or to sheds and garages.

Rattlesnakes are one of the most common snakes found in Southern California aside from the garter snakes and the gopher snakes. These snakes also make their way into homes and are known to come out during the Spring and Summer seasons. Snakes are nocturnal creatures. This behavior is due to the fact that their prey, which are mainly rats and smaller mammals, come out during the evening in search of food. Although snakes come out during the evening, and more rampantly during the warmer seasons, it is not uncommon to see them out during the day. This is where snake removal becoming important.

Rattlesnakes are venomous snakes and are identified mainly by the rattle at the end of its tail. The rattle on the end of the rattlesnake’s tail is a warning to prey or to predators to stay away from the snake. If you ever do encounter a snake in your backyard, and you are not sure what kind of snake it is, look to see if there is a rattle at the end of the tail. You will also hear it shake it rattle, which means it is getting ready to strike. Never get within three to five meters of a coiled snake. A coiled snake is a snake that is in its striking zone, which means it can strike to bite you at any second. Rattlesnakes are venomous as mentioned and their bites can be painful and at times, deadly. You want to avoid close proximity to these snakes at all times.

If you do find non-venomous snakes in your home, still take precaution. The garter snake and the gopher snakes are good examples of non-venomous snakes. These snakes however do bite, even though there is no venom to be injected by their fangs, their bites can be rather painful and can also lead to infections if not treated immediately and properly.  Snake removal services are very important during the peak seasons when snakes begin to nest. Snakes, such as rattlesnakes will lay a nest of eggs. These eggs will hatch, and the baby rattlesnakes will scurry away in all directions looking for food. Baby rattlesnakes are smaller than the adult rattlesnakes, and their rattles are not fully developed. This does not mean that they are any less dangerous than the adult rattlesnakes. Baby rattlesnakes cannot control the amount of venom they release through their bites, making them even more dangerous than adult rattlesnakes. Snake removal is essential when you do find snakes in your backyard, whether venomous or non-venomous.

Snake removal services have snake exterminators that may be found in your location. It is best to call snake control that is near you so they can get there faster. These are the locations where wildlife removal professionals have snake removal services:

Snake exterminators are equipped with the tools needed to remove a snake from your backyard or front yard. The first thing to do when you spot a snake is to make sure that you do not approach it. Keep an eye out for the snake though because you want to be sure that it does not slither away without you noticing where it went to hid. You can also ask them to put down snake repellents. The main question is, do snake repellents work?

People used to believe that dipping a rope into oil and placing it around the circumference of your property would prevent any snakes from crossing over into your property. But these were just old theories that were placed by people who did not understand the behavior of snakes. Studies show that snakes move around using their sense of smell and by placing down cinnamon and cloves, snakes will avoid this certain scent. Snakes also love to hide in overgrown bushes, or grass and in dark crevices where can slither through. One way to repel snakes would be to have no area in your home that would serve as a nesting space for these critters.

Wildlife removal professionals are experts in snake control. They offer snake removal services that include preventative measures such as snake fences, and snake repellents. They are able to get scents that would deter snakes from entering your property. These deterrents will work but they have to be placed where they are no sprinklers or where is no high foot traffic, so it does not get stepped on or washed away easily. Wildlife removal experts will allows give you the best possible choices, the first is a snake fence and making sure all holes and areas that snakes would try to get in to nest are sealed. Snake traps and then repellents for additional safety, but do not rely solely on repellents.

Snake repellents do work but there are a lot of factors that may cause these repellents or deterrents to not work. One would be your sprinkler system. The deterrents are set in areas around your property and in areas where you want to make sure snakes do not entry through or take abode in. Your sprinkler system can wash away the deterrent is placed where the sprinklers will water. The other reasons may be the change in weather, again rain could wash away the deterrents. There may also be a problem with the area. If it is a high traffic area, then it may be pressed down or blown away entirely. Deterrents or snake repellents do work but these have to be reapplied continuously, and daily, for it to work fully. The best thing to do for snake control is to get snake removal services come out and inspect your property. If they find any snakes, to remove these snakes and make sure that your home is snake proof so you will not encounter these wild animals again.

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