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How do I Snake-Proof my Yard

Snakes are rampant reptiles that you may find especially if you live in Southern California. Snakes are creatures that like being by themselves. They will not disturb you if left alone. There are different types of snakes. Most snakes that may lurk in your garden or yard may be harmless but then there are the venomous kinds. Snakes come out during the Spring and Summer seasons. This is the time that they begin to nest and lay eggs. Eggs usually hatch late spring well into the beginning of Summer. Snakes will leave their eggs in a den or space that they find. These eggs will hatch on their own and the younglings will find their way.

During these times, snake removal is also rampant. Many homeowners will come home to find a snake out in your backyard. Snakes are cold-blooded animals, which means that when the temperature gets hotter, they tend to come out earlier. Snakes will hunt during the evening, since rats and other pests that serve as food are nocturnal. You will be able to find snake removal services near you and they will come out immediately to get rid of the snake. Remember to stay away from coiled snakes, as this is a striking position.

The common snakes that most homeowners find in their backyard are garter snakes and rattlesnakes. Garter snakes can be defined by the two yellow lines on their back. These lines are what give them the name, garter. Rattlesnakes however are venomous. Baby rattlesnakes are far more dangerous than the adult rattlesnakes as these will bite and release all their venom since they are young and do not know how to control their glands.

Rattlesnakes that are young are just a meter to a few meters long. You will almost always need a licensed wildlife removal professional to remove snakes from backyard. Wildlife removal professionals are experienced, and they can immediately determine what kind of snake you are dealing with. You do not want to be dealing with a venomous snake without the proper attire and without the knowledge in handling these finicky animals. Wildlife removal experts understand these creatures and will also do their best to not harm them.

Most of the time, when you call a snake exterminator, they will tell you to keep an eye on the snake while they get to your location. Snakes can easily camouflage, and this makes it harder to spot them. This is also a reason why a lot of people end up getting bitten by snakes because they easily blend into their surroundings. Snake exterminators near you can get to you quicker when you spot a snake. Snakes will crawl away when posed with a threat, but they will strike if you get within the striking range.

Snake exterminators near you in Los Angeles, or near the San Fernando valley serve a wide radius. They can cater to homeowners to remove snakes from backyard. Snake removal cost for a live snake removal can begin anywhere from $200 and more. This would be dependent on the type of snake, the location, and the difficulty in trapping the snake. Homeowners must understand that snake exterminators are at risk when they remove these reptiles and that they are experts in their field hence the high charge for these extractions.

Snake exterminators near you may cost a bit in a live snake removal, but at times you may discover that a snake in your backyard may have slithered off to a crevice. This may prove harder to extract or find. When this happens, snake traps can be set. Snake trapping is done by a snake exterminator by placing glue traps. These are not just laid out in open because these glue traps are sticky adhesives and when done incorrectly can stick to a number of things, including pets. You do not want snake glue traps on your pet as these are almost impossible to remove. The snake removal cost for snake trapping in Los Angeles is still a bit higher than most animal removal services. Snake trapping is done by determining the area in your home, front yard or backyard where the snake may be nesting. It usually is a small dark space where they would fit through.

Snake exterminators near you will be able to determine this by scouring your front or back yard. At times, it may even be in your crawl space. The glue traps are placed in an angle inside a properly placed space that will look like a small dark crevice for a snake to enter. This tricks the snake into believing it is entering another safe spot in your front yard or back yard. When they do this, they will get stuck on the glue trap. Although these traps are effective at times, a lot of exterminators do not suggest this as it is a more passive means of trapping a snake. It is also not a good thing to have in your yard if you have pets. The best thing is to get a snake exterminator out the moment you see a snake and keep an eye on it so you can show the exterminator where the snake is when they arrive.

Preventing snakes from entering your backyard and front yard is always the best suggestion. You do not want to have a nest of snakes in your crawl space or any dead animals that were meals of a snake. Snakes prevention is easy. First determine if you are in an area that would more likely be a home to snakes. If you live in the hills, near mountains or a desert landscape then you may find yourself more prone to seeing snakes. Homeowners in rural areas are less likely to find snakes lurking in their homes than people who are in rural areas where there is more vegetation and spaces to crawl into. If you live in a landscape that is more feasible to snakes being present, it is always best to have a wildlife removal professional build a snake fence around your home. Snake fences are not just ordinary fences. You can have a snake fence built around your fence. These are fences that are small enough to prevent snakes and other animals from entering but will blend in to your surroundings. These are best to have so if you have small children you can be assured that they will not be encountering any snakes if they place out by themselves in the yard. Snake exterminators near you can do this, the cost may be a little higher than a normal snake trapping or snake removal, but it is a foolproof way of keeping snakes out of your home. Snake exterminators can also seal up spaces around your home to prevent snakes from nesting. There are things such as snake repellents the wildlife removal professionals will be able to place down to prevent snakes from entering your home and nesting. As it gets hotter, be sure to be vigilant and if you do spot a snake, stay away, keep your distance and call your nearest snake exterminator in your area. They services areas such as Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale, San Fernando Valley and Santa Monica and places within the 20-mile radius.

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