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How to avoid rodent infestation?

Do you hear noises in your ceiling during the evening? Do you hear little clawing or scurrying through the walls, in your ceiling or on your roof through the gutters at night? You may have a rodent infestation. Many homeowners do not know that they have a rodent problem until they see a rat roaming around their house or outside in their backyard. Rodents come out during the evening in search of left-over food. The best way to tell if you have a rat problem is if you spot rat droppings. These look like small black droppings the shape of a grain of rice but larger. These are some of the signs that you may have rats or mice nesting in your home. They may have either found a way through your pipes or through holes leading up to your attic space. They also sometimes nest in crawl spaces, entering through crevices or holes that they can squeeze through.

What are the Signs you have a Rodent Infestation?

Hearing noises in your ceiling, scurrying in the walls, clawing is a tell-tale sign that there are rodents roaming around in your house. The second thing would be feces, or droppings. You can find these in corners, crevices or outside of your home, and if you do you can be assured that there are rats lurking around. To further prove that you have a rodent problem, you can look and see if there are scraps of food being eaten, food containers being gnawed and if you are finding clothes, furniture getting chewed or have holes in them. The most extensive way is to look up in your attic, see if there is a rodent nest because most likely they would have set shop in your home in your attic.

If you have all these signs, what should you do? It would be best to call rodent removal services near you. Rodent removal experts will be able to determine the problem immediately and help eradicate it.

Getting professional help is the best thing to do, because they will be able to do an inspection of your home to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Why are Rats bad to have in your Home?

Surely having wild animals in your home means that you are closer to nature. This is not the case when it comes to rats, mice or in general, rodents. They are disease carrying animals that are more a nuisance than they are helpful. These creatures are prey too to other wild animals such as snakes and birds. Rats are one animal you do not want to have in your home. Rats are known to be a petri dish of diseases and carry more than 60 diseases including Leptospirosis, typhus and the now reemerging virus, the Hantavirus.

Rats can transfer all these viruses through their bite. They are known to bite babies and can transfer a disease called “rat-bite” fever to children and adults. Their urine and feces carry viruses as well, and they are overall unsanitary to have around the house. If these are not reason enough, rats will find their way back into your home through sewage lines if you try and flush them down. They are sturdy creatures and can give birth to a lot of babies. Overtime, if a rat infestation is left untreated you will end up with an overflow of rats in your home.

How to Get rid of Rats?

So, you have finally come to terms that you have a rat problem. The best thing to do is get hold of a wildlife removal professional immediately. Rodent removal services are extremely essential, and it is best to get them because they know how to get rid of rats and to prevent them from coming back. Rodent exterminators will do a whole house inspection. They will determine where the rats are coming in through. Rats will often squeeze through the smallest of holes to get into spaces. It can be from any height and it can be in any crevice and this is why it is so hard to get rid of rats.

Rats will also make a mess of a nest. Rodent removal experts will clean up the space they made a nest in. You can do this yourself, but you have to be careful. Wearing the proper attire and protective gear is essential. Rodent can bite and you do not want them biting you for disrupting their nest. Rodent exterminators will also clean up the feces, urine and mess that was left by the rats. These have to be handled properly. Rodent’s feces and urine are harmful even when inhaled because of the viruses they carry, and rodent exterminators are sure to properly handle these hazardous wastes without it getting on anything else in your home and having it contaminate your food or air. Aside from cleaning up the space, such as your attic, crawl space or garage, they will make sure to disinfect it. Disinfecting is essential because you want to be sure that the bacteria and viruses that have been building up in either your garage, crawl space, ventilation system, piping and even attic space is being cleaned. Rodent exterminators offer rodent removal services at an affordable price that includes preventative measures, removal of rodents, cleaning, and disinfecting. The best ways to do it when you have an over the top rodent infestation is to do a fogging to disinfect even the air. Think of fogging as a huge spray can with disinfectant.

Wildlife removal professionals will make sure to seal up any and all openings that rats may use to make their way back into your home. Avoid a rodent infestation by making sure that your home is rodent proof—piping and vents are not open, crawl space vents—entry and exit ways are sealed, food is not left out in the open attracting these pests, and that you are sure to get a crawl space clean out or an attic clean out done at least once a year. Rodent control is in your hands, always get a wildlife removal professional near you because they are experienced and are experts in the field and can do it the proper way. They can also come back to check once a while to make sure that rodents have not found any other way of entering your home. Rodents are smart and they are filthy, as cute as some of them are, they are not healthy to have in your home.

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