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How to Remove Dead Animals from Your House

Come spring and summer time, many homeowners will notice a stench coming from either their crawl space, walls or attic. It is a smell that is hard to locate its exact location. It is a foul stench that radiates of carbon dioxide and rot, the smell of dead animal rotting somewhere in the confines of your home. Although not a lot of homeowners would experience it more than once, it is a nuisance to deal with. Doing it yourself would be the last thing you want to do, as dead animals also mean germs, bacteria and parasites that were being carried by the live animal at some point, is now in search of a new host. Dead animal removal is a sought out service in locations such as Pasadena, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, , Sherman Oaks, Simi Valley, Santa Monica, Northridge, Pacific Palisades, Van Nuys, Encino, Topanga, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Canoga Park, Burbank, Porter Ranch and areas located in the San Fernando Valley.

The good thing is that there are dead animal removal services in Los Angeles, specifically the San Fernando Valley, which includes Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, and then West Hollywood, Santa Monica, West Lake, all the way to Santa Clarita, Stevenson

Ranch and Newhall and Saugus. There are many more locations that dead animal removal professionals service. Dead animal removal services are provided mainly by wildlife removal professionals who are licensed and experienced in such situations. These wildlife removal professionals are licensed, trained and experienced in the field of dead animal removal. Animal removal and dead animal removal are different from each other. Animal removal is for live animals that are nesting in your home and dead animal removal is for dead animal carcass removal.

During the Spring and summer times, animals will nest anywhere that is a small, dark, enclosed space where they can keep their babies safe from predators. These spaces would most likely be attics, crawl spaces, piping, vents, and any space that small critters would fit. This is also how you end up with dead animals in your home. These animals may have babies during the spring or summer time, and some babies do not make it to adulthood an become dead animals that will smell especially in high temperatures. The heat can also be a reason, or lack of food or if the animals get trapped within their dens and cannot make it out like skunks, opossums or raccoons. Dead animal removal services in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Clarita, Santa Monica, and the surrounding areas are especially helpful. They are able to go to homeowners who are in need and locate the area of the dead animal for removal.

As a homeowner, you would opt to do a dead animal removal yourself. Animal removal sounds simple enough that any person can do it. Simply grab the dead animal dispose of it sanitarily. As simple as it is, there are a lot of factors to consider before handling a task such as this yourself. Smell is a common distinguishing factor that will alert you to a dead animal being somewhere in your home. Smell is also a tricky thing to follow because you may not be able to determine the exact location of the dead animal. Wildlife professionals are experienced in locating where a carcass is because they have seen how smell can trick you to believing it is in the vents of your home when it can be in one of your walls.

Another factor to consider before removing a dead animal by yourself is safety attire. You do not ever want to handle a dead animal with your bare hands. Wild animals in general are dangerous to be held with your bare hands not only because they may bite but because of the possible diseases and parasites that they carry. Although these animals are immune and hardly affected by the viruses and parasites they carry, it can be harmful to humans. So, when you encounter a dead animal, its body is decomposing and the viruses, parasites, germs are looking to find a different host that they can thrive off. You always want to be fully gloved up, with goggles and a hazmat suit in the instance that any liquid from the decomposing animal splashes or gets on you. Aside from determining where the location of the dead animal is, and protecting yourself, you need to remove it from its location. Dead animals can be under crawl spaces, they can be in ducting, in garages, attic spaces, vents, piping and anywhere you can possibly imagine. You would have to crawl under your home, or detach your piping or make a hole in your wall, and unless you are experienced in it, you would end up spending more than if you had hired a wildlife removal professional to do it. Do not forget you would also have to sanitize the place and make sure that it has been decontaminated.

Animal removal in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Porter Ranch and the likes all cost roughly the same. They begin at $150 and can go higher from there. Even though the cost is high, you do get professional grade service and you can be less worried about being physically affected by the remains of a dead animal. Aside from the clean-up, dead animal removal services can include preventative measures for homeowners. This is determining how the dead animal ended up in your home to begin with. This would be a good service to acquire because you will be assured no other animal finds their way into your home. Preventative measures include sealing up of crawl spaces, attics and vents that are not screened. Garages that are open or have spaces that can easily be dug through, will be dealt with. This will prevent animals from having babies in your shed, guest house, crawl space, garage, attic—you name it.

You can opt to do it yourself if you find a dead rat in your front or back yard. Everything is possible, but to do it precisely and efficiently, you would be better off paying dead animal removal services in your area to do this for you. Dead animals that you may often find would be rats, mice, dead raccoons and skunks. Skunks are the worse smelling dead animal removals you can find. They have glands that release a pungent odor when they feel threatened, when their carcass decomposes these glands release the foul odor adding to the already awful smell. You never want to get a dead skunk in your home. The smell will take a few days to be removed to a few weeks. Dead animal stenches are stronger during the spring and summer months. After a dead animal is removed, the smell may linger a bit. Do not be too concerned that there is still a faint smell that lingers. It will linger on for a bit. Overall dead animal removal is highly sought by homeowners because it is not something you can just ignore. The best solution is to make sure no animals will find recluse in your home so you will not end up with a wildlife problem.

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