One of the best telltale signs of a wildlife incursion into your home is weird noises in the walls or attic. Sure, it can be dismissed but left unresolved or untouched, these wildlife animals are only going to get louder and more disruptive as they become more comfortable in your walls. Here at our company, we make sure we work like hounds—searching large and far to pinpoint the exact source of those disconcerting noises in the walls or attic.

There can be a lot of possible reasons you are hearing scurrying or noises that are not caused by creaky pipes in your attic or in your walls. Wildlife animals such as bats, rats and mice usually take abode in attics and can enter your home in a number of ways. Some animals such as squirrels and raccoons also nest in places that provide shelter for them, in a hollow tree or your open basement, backyard shed, garage or even open attic.

Sewer rats and mice are commonly known to run around in your home between the walls. They take refuge in your attic and can be a nuisance. Rats and mice often chew through walls and wiring which can open your home to other critters or cause electrical wiring problems. They can create passageways between the rooms of your house that insects and bugs can use to evade detection. Not to mention, these little pests are carriers of diseases that are harmful to humans and pets alike.

Bats also prefer attics and the warmer temperatures they provide. Bats are nocturnal, hence they will create a lot of disturbance during the evenings when they wake up in search for food. During the mating season they are also known to be even more active. Bats are also known carriers of rabies and when provoked may bite humans.


Pigeons can also find suitable homes under the tiles of some roofs and can cause noises that can be heard throughout the day.

HH Wildlife removal can help solve all your wall and attic noises. Our wildlife professionals search out the cause of any noise whether it be in your walls, attic, basement, backyard shed or garage. Our wildlife professionals will also determine the entry point to understand how these wildlife animals took refuge in the first place. We will examine your home and seal, prevent and provide ways for you to stay pest and animal free for the considerable future.

Sleep well at night knowing that your home is safe from pesky critter in your walls and attics. Get in touch with us at HH Wildlife removal.