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Let HH Wildlife Removal take care of your wildlife removal needs. Our company provides wildlife animal control to most cities in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We make sure that no critters are left unfound in the premises of your home. You can be ensured that all wildlife lurking within the nooks and crannies of your lovely home are removed humanely. Our staff are trained to delicately remove these uninvited animals by a series of wildlife management techniques such as Attic Cleanup, pest cleanup, wildlife trapping, dead animal removal and more. We value your feedback— HH Wildlife Removal is happy to answer any burning question you might have on your end.

HH Wildlife Removal provides a variety of services that homeowners and business owners, like you, may find useful for your needs. Our services range from Animal Wildlife removal services to include the following

wildlife trapping

Wildlife Trapping

Trapping wild animals is not something that should be done by just anyone. There are many wrong ways to trap an animal and some of them are illegal, especially in California…

animal damage repairs

Animal Damage Repairs

Raccoons can tear through walls in the efforts to find a safe place to make their den. They’ve been known to exploit a small hole in the underside of a roof overhand…


Preventative Measures

The best way to keep raccoons, skunks, opossums, birds, bats, rats and other wildlife animals from taking residence in your home is through preventative measures…


Attic Cleanup and Restoration

Animals such as bats, pigeons, rats and mice often find abode in attics. Bats are known to live in crevices of buildings and homes and find their way into attics…


Noises In Walls or Attic

One of the best telltale signs of a wildlife incursion into your home are weird noises in the walls or attic. Sure, it can be dismissed but left unresolved or untouched…


Bat and Bird Control

Bats and birds are elusive creatures. The moment you try to ensnare one, the more agitated it becomes. Catching and trapping these creatures are certainly a pain…


Property and Yard Control

Our staff at HH Wildlife Removal are trained to maintain and repair your property from the onslaught of wildlife and pests. Our expertise lies in…


Emergency Service

Nothing can get a homeowner riled up more than to see a battalion of wildlife animals such as bats, pigeons, rats, mice, raccoons, opossums etc…


Dead Animal Removal

Often times, you may find dead animal carcasses in various places within or outside of your home. Dead animal removal of pigeons, bats, feral cats…

wildlife removal picture

Wildlife Removal

We want to make sure that if you have an animal in your home it is removed the most humane way possible. If you have a skunk, we want to make sure…


Pest Waste Clean-up and Removal

There is nothing more frustrating than coming home to find the mess made by a plethora of wildlife animals such as beavers, pigeons, feral cats, raccoons


Skunk Spray Antidote

Skunks are animals you definitely do not want to get within range of their spray. They may look adorable, but when threatened they can spray their scent…


If your city cannot be found in the list of cities we go to in California, no worries, just give us a call and we will definitely see what we can do to help you. No job is too far nor too hard for our wildlife removal professionals to handle:


If you are not sure of what you exactly are looking for, don’t fret, you may call us to set up a consultation and see what our wildlife removal professionals can do for your home and family. We provide services 24/7 at 7 days a week.


HH Wildlife Removal does not only do the job for you but they make sure that it stays the way you want it. Our wildlife professionals have been trained and experienced in the field of wildlife removal and shall always try to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction at what we do. You may contact us HERE.