Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs

Prairie dogs are not the typical man’s best friend that we are familiar with. In fact, these animals are only called such because of the barking sounds it produces to communicate. They are short, stout burrowing rodents that are typically found within North America. Prairie dogs are considered predominantly herbivores, obvious in their popular habitat—grasslands. In some occasional cases, Prairie dogs may also feasts on insects when vegetation is scarce.

There are around 5 species of Prairie dogs scattered across North America. In the United States, the black-tailed Prairie dogs are the most common type. Given the frigid climate where most of these critters are found, they often resort to burrowing, or creating deep tunnels to protect them from the elements. These “burrows” help the creatures regulate their body temperature, and provide them with shelter from prey animals.

They live in clusters called “towns” and their burrows in grasslands can help aerate the soil allowing rainwater to seep through the earth. This helps in making the soil more fertile and less compact. However, left unattended, the exponential rise in Prairie dogs numbers and towns may wreak havoc on one’s property and pose a risk to horses, cattle and other livestock.

These animals become a pest problem when reproduce unabated. If you see a Prairie dog in the premises of your property, you can be assured that a town of Prairie dogs have already sought refuge in your dwelling. Due to their voracious appetite, homes with Prairie dogs pest problem may run the risk of ruined gardens and lawns. Their incessant burrowing into the soil may also damage the integrity of your home’s foundation, which as we know is the most important part of our homes. Damage to a home’s foundation can be very costly and cause numerous other problems.

While these creatures are generally shy of humans, Prairie dogs also run the risk of transmitting infectious disease, lice, fleas, and even plague to humans. Highly territorial, once Prairie dogs have burrowed deep into your property, it will be hard to chase them out as they become aggressive and protective of their new dwelling. These creatures may also cause harm to your existing pets, given its aggressive behavior when threatened.

In many agricultural areas, Prairie dogs are easily considered pests due to their destructive behavior on the land. Since they dig deep, it is normally hard to get rid of these animals effectively and humanely. Seeking professional help will ensure that these creatures are eliminated from the premises humanely. A small town of Prairie dogs can burrow close to a hectare of land. This poses a problem to many people who rely on the land for income as these intrusive animals eat planted vegetation and destroy the integrity of the soil by creating unsustainable tunnels under the ground.

The most obvious to deter these animals from invading your home is through introducing rodenticides within suspected area of intrusion. However, this can be detrimental not only to your health but also to the health of your pet. Pest control management such as that offered by the HH Wildlife Removal Animal Service can assure you that any loitering Prairie dog in your dwelling shall be removed gently and humanely to the best of our ability. So feel free to Contact Us.