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Should I Use Snake Traps or Call an Expert?

It is common to see people running in terror every time they see one of these reptiles. However, thanks to various resources and tools, it can be effortless. Although some are poisonous and you have to be very careful about bites. At this particular moment, when you encounter a venomous snake, the best decision is to call an expert. In most cases these animals can be more harmless than you think, so you shouldn’t panic if you find one in your home.

The Decision Depends On Your First Instinct

Have you ever had an encounter with snakes in your home or neighborhood and feel you are not safe? Most people have a phobia for snakes, which is reasonable since snakes are dangerous and their bites can cause harm. Hence, a human’s first instinct is to run as far as their legs can take them for safety. While for others, their reflexes and instincts tend to push them to kill the snakes depending on the size and length. For both categories, the application of preventive measures should be ensured.

You Should Examine How Brave You Are Before Trapping The Snake

You probably need to hire a wildlife removal expert, or exterminator or any other snake removal service instead of trapping snakes yourself. Most people put forward one selection over the other, but the two-options work hand in hand. For instance, a hired snake exterminator or wildlife removal company that offers snake removal services near you would likely also make use of a variety snake traps that are proven to remove snakes from homes, crawl spaces, backyards or any other place that is a potential danger to you and your family. Professional expertise is always the best suggestion. Snake trapping requires expertise where the exterminator sets a trap that help to either fend off these reptiles, trap them or lure them into a position in which they are caught.

Steps in Trapping Snakes

There are steps in snake trapping that should be followed. Exterminators have experience in the field of snake trapping and have a higher success rate of trapping these animals.

  1. Firstly, reptiles are mostly known to be encountered during spring since most of the male species will be out in search of females. If you ever encounter snakes in your home, it is advisable not to try and remove it yourself, even if these are smaller snakes. Records show that most of the people who get bit by snakes, have handled the reptiles  without any protective gear, or got too close within striking range.
  2. Be knowledgeable that snakes, depending on length and specie have a certain striking range. A full grown rattlesnake that can reach up to 4 to 5 feet, depending on the type of rattlesnake it could grow longer. The striking range of a common Southern California rattlesnakes would be about 3 meters.
  3. Create some distance away from snake especially when you hear a rattlesnake’s rattle and monitor it from a distance that is not within the striking range. If you have pets, it’s best to keep inside because they may approach the snake.
  4. Understand that snakes do not like being around humans, it’s just that there are times where they find your home to have dark spaces where they can nest during the springtime. So if you do find them, or if you have spaces that are dark, do not put your arm in or crawl inside yourself. And if you do find a snake, make sure to take the necessary steps away from the snake and call a wildlife exterminator.
  5. The snake will most likely leave on its own, especially the less poisonous ones. If you do see a baby rattlesnake, be cautious as baby rattlesnakes are more harmful that adult rattlesnakes. Baby rattlesnakes cannot control how much venom they release when they bite, so they potentially release more venom in a bite than an adult rattlesnake would. If the snake doesn’t show any signs of exiting the premises or you don’t feel secure with allowing it to roam around and need to have it removed, call a pest control, wildlife removal company. You will need to hire or put a call through for a professional licensed exterminator or contact a company that deals or offers snake removal services near you. The experience they have snake removal and snake trapping is worth the price. You should know that snake removal cost on an average range between $150 to $300 or more. This would depend on the type snake and the level of difficulty for removal of the snake.

Snake Removal Costs

Snake removal cost at this price ranges according to location, difficulty in trapping the snake as well as the distance which the professional exterminator has to travel to reach your residence, and preventative measures that need to be done to keep the critters from returning to your home. Other factors that can determine or affect the price are the company which you hire, their experience with snake removal, the number of snakes present in your household as well as various other services which are rendered by professional wildlife removal companies.

Other Snake Removal Services

Most snake exterminators and companies that offer snake removal services also provide preventative measure or snake deterrents. This service is to make the environment free from snakes by using repellants and other items of the sort. This modification attracts an extra fee by the exterminator or company. Still, if you can afford it, it will be very beneficial and worth it in keeping your home and environment safe from snakes because it brings a drastic reduction in your encounter with snakes for an extended period.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Snake Trap

Most people ask questions like “can we save money by removing the snakes ourselves?” or “I don’t think I can afford to hire a professional snake exterminator or company. Is there any other way?”. Yes, money can be saved, and there is a cheaper method. This will involve you getting a snake trap and spend on some other modularity, which happens to cost as low as $50 to $100. Doing it yourself would be a cost effective strategy if you are experienced and do not need a lot of preventative measures done but wit the price and the time you would take to research, set the traps, do the repairs to prevent snakes from entering your abode you would end up spending more than if you had hired a professional wildlife exterminator. You may also run the risk of suffering an injury due to mistakes or in cases of venomous snakes, getting bitten which can tend to be deadly. Some people might probably have experience with catching snakes, perhaps a former snake exterminator or someone who used to work in a professional wildlife institution. You could request help from them since they have the knowledge to do it and also know how to put the traps to good use. Take note as well that wildlife removal professionals are licensed in this area, so they know how to set traps, what to do with the animal when caught and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the near future.

The Best Option for Snake Removal

Hiring a professional snake exterminator is still the best thing to do when you believe or see in a snake in your yard. A professional snake exterminator is knowledgeable in the State laws on animal removal and understand what needs to be done in different situations. They are equipped with the standard and adequate tools that will aid them to remove the snakes from the premises and do their job effectively. A snake exterminator will, most of the time, be able to detect the snake nest, where they are coming from and to seal off your property from snakes during nesting season

For people who do not know if they have a snake in the house or do not want to run a risk of encountering a snake. There are steps you can take, which does not necessarily need a professional snake exterminator. Some of the steps include:

  • Removal of all debris that surrounds the environment.
  • Frequent maintenance of the garden.
  • Ensuring the gaps in the house are sealed especially beneath doors and decks.
  • The use of glue board trap types which can be implemented and fixed across edges, Since snakes slither across the ground.
  • Disposal of food remnants like meat immediately after eating.
  • Also determining if you have a rodent problem, because this is the go-to food of snakes.

By following these steps above, you can reduce the risk of coming across a snake in the house. However, in any way, if a snake still ends up finding its way into the premises of your home, be sure to call professional snake exterminators near you for it is the safest and most hassle-free method of getting rid of snakes.

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