When we think about nuisance animals, often rats, skunks, opossums, or raccoons come to mind. What we do not normally think of as scoundrels are squirrels. Their soft, cute appearance is enough for most homeowners to give them a pass—until they start wreaking havoc on your property and yard. When left unattended, squirrels can multiply in numbers and cause damage to your building structures and property.

There are two types of squirrels that are commonly encountered. One is a red squirrel—the slender little creature you often see in your neighborhood. This type of squirrel normally has a red, dark brown, or black coat. Their coat color may vary depending on the season of the year or location. This type of squirrel normally has a long, furry tail. The streak on their belly is always white and they normally have sharp, curved claws and rodent-type teeth. The other type is the gray squirrel—a species that differ only in color and size. Gray squirrels are normally larger than the red squirrel and could have coats in deep gray and black.

Both these two types of are known to be solitary creatures. Occasionally, these animals may exhibit some social traits such as sharing a nest together during the winter season. For the most part, these animals move on their own and scurry for food independently. They both prefer to take refuge in dense forest areas. When displaced, squirrels seek the refuge of urban spaces, buildings, and sometimes even your home. This is where the presence of squirrels become troublesome.

Once a squirrel has made itself comfortable in your home, it will be hard to get rid of it. These animals are extremely clever and thus do not get scared of man-made ruses to deter them. Blinding lights, scarecrows, and motion-activated sound emitters do not faze these pesky little animals. Given their sharp teeth and claws, squirrels run the risk of gnawing through your cables, insulation, and frameworks of your property. A squirrel’s teeth keep growing and growing to accommodate its acorn, nuts, and plant material diet. Should their primary food source not be available, squirrels were also recorded to eat snakes, mice, and other plant material for survival. Given the inescapable growing of their teeth, squirrels will have to continuously chew on something to bring their chompers to normal size. On a bigger scale, squirrels have been known to cause blackouts in a community when they come in contact with power lines and chew on certain cables.

While considered to be one of the cleanest animals due to its frequent grooming, squirrels are also messy eaters that will be cumbersome when you move into your new home. These animals are also very twitchy and agile in manner—when agitated, squirrels may leave unrepairable marks and gnaw-bites on precious furniture. The best way then to humanely get rid of these cute creatures is to seek professional help. Our experts at the HH Wildlife Removal know exactly how to address your problem without having to resort to killing the cute, harmless animal. We will be able to discuss several options to make sure they move out of your home and away from your property. Contact Us and get our best services to remove wildlife animals.