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What to do if your dog gets sprayed by Skunk

Most families have family pets that wander around the backyard, or front yard sniffing around. Since it is in the vicinity of your home, you are confident that your dog is safe and there is nothing to worry about. This is until your pup comes back to you smelling of like organic burnt rubber. This would be because they may have gotten sprayed by a skunk.

Why do Skunks Spray?

Wild animals will find ways to defend themselves when they feel there are being threatened. Most of the time they will bite, claw or run away. Skunks, however, have a different way of defending themselves. Skunks have glands that they can use to aim at predators and spray them. The spray is known to be potent that predators can smell this from a distance and will know not to disturb a skunk. When a skunk sprays, it releases a mist like oil into the air. Wherever the mist lands on, it will have that smell for weeks. This mist-like oil comes from a skunk’s glands that are just below their tails. This is why when a skunk sprays it will lift their tail up. So, if you feel you have a skunk lurking in your home, get skunk removal services immediately. 

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Skunks, like many animals, do not like encounters that they feel are threatening to them. As much as they can, skunks will try to go about their own business. Skunks will only spray when they feel they need to because spraying does take time for the skunk to recuperate and resupply the potent spray in its glands. An adult skunk can spray as many as five to six times consecutively. After they use up all their spray it may take them as long as ten days to regenerate more of the spray. When this happens, it does leave the skunk vulnerable as skunks are shy creatures.


How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell on your dog?

Dogs are curious creatures hence it is not wonder that during the Spring and Summer time you will find that there is a huge possibility of your pup getting sprayed by a skunk. The worst part is that you may not notice until your dog has run through the house rubbing the skunk smell on your furniture, carpet and clothes. The skunk’s mist-like spray can stay on your dog, and anything that it has come into contact with for one to two weeks. There is really no way to fully get rid of the stench except to wait it out and do as much washing as you possibly can. Do not believe products that say it can remove the smell of skunk on your dog, because it will not be able to remove the smell one hundred percent. It may be able to lessen it, but not fully rid your dog of the smell.


A skunk’s spray cannot be easily described but the best description would be an organic smell of burnt rubber. When you find that your dog has gotten sprayed, there are procedures you can follow to help lessen the smell of the skunk spray. First, call skunk removal services. They will be able to do a live removal—get rid of skunks that may have a nest somewhere in your home. The most likely place would be in your crawl space because skunks like dark dens, and they may have found an opening leading to your crawl space. Skunk control is necessary so that your dog will not get sprayed again and you would not want to find yourself with a family of skunks under your home as skunks will spray their area to keep predators away. The little baby skunks also will keep spraying because they do not have control over their glands yet.

There is a solution you can mix, and this is most certainly not tomato juice. You can mix hydrogen peroxide, dish washing soap and some baking soda. Lather this on to yourself and a bit to your dog, be careful and do not get too much on your dog. This is not a good solution for clothes because hydrogen peroxide does act like bleach, so if you got skunk odor on your clothes, forgo using this solution on clothes.

The best thing to do when you get skunk odor on your clothes is to leave it out in the sun for a day or two to air out. The sun will dry out the mist-like oil spray and breakdown the chemical components. You can opt to wash the clothes with normal detergent. Do not mix the clothes with other clothes to be sure. The smell should go away in a few days after being washed.


Why Call Wildlife Removal to Get Skunk Control

Skunks come out at night, so during the day they are most likely in their dens. They are nocturnal creatures and come out at night in search of food. As adorable as a skunk is, you do not want them nesting under your home. They cannot climb, so you will not find them in your attic, but they can definitely dig. If you have a crawl space, there is a likelihood that they have found refuge under your house and have built their den.


Skunks are kind creatures and eat grub and insects. They will not bother you, but they will spray when they get scared. The best thing to do is to call skunk removal services near you who will be able to get skunk control over your new furry friends. Get rid of skunks so your dog can wander around the yard without you worrying that your pup is going to come back smelling like a skunk. It would also be beneficial for you as wildlife removal professionals will be able to seal up any vents and entry points to your crawl space preventing not only skunks from nesting there but racoons, possums, snakes and even rats. If you do come across a skunk, just walk the other way. Skunks are usually in their dens during the evening and the likelihood of seeing one during the day is rare. Just remember that they are trying to gather food for their offspring and really stay out of the way of humans in general. If you do see a skunk, call skunk removal services. They will and set traps or do a live removal of the family of skunks and help your home be skunk free and skunk odor free.

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