Wildlife trapping is not something that should be done by just anyone. There are many wrong ways to trap an animal and some of them are illegal, especially in California. It’s also important to not just place traps around your property in the hopes of catching the target animal because invariably the neighbor’s cat gets caught in one of them. For animals in a crawl space underneath the house, all of the entry and exit points need to be cordoned off except for one. This one entry or exit way should corral the target animal to the specified trap.

Raccoons and opossums can be found in attics and its necessary to find any of their offspring during the course of the trapping process. Failure to find the kits will mean they are going to be left behind and will most likely die. It’s imperative to hire a professional who will thoroughly and effectively complete the process and make sure every animal is removed.

At HH Wildlife Removal, we take pride in treating the animals with as much respect as possible. We don’t like taking a life unless we have to. This is why it is so important to follow the trapping of raccoons, skunks, opossums, and others with effective exclusion and preventative measures. Once the animals and other wildlife are out, we want to keep it that way. Since we most often release the animals, we want to make sure they will no longer be a nuisance to your home.


Trapping skunks bring is own challenges as they are usually poised and ready to spray anyone who gets near the cage they are trapped in. There are several ways to lessen the smell once a skunk sprays its musk, but the smell doesn’t fully go away. It takes time for the oil to decompose before the odor is completely eliminated. Let our professionals remove these animals for you as we know how to lessen the likelihood of being covered in their musk.

At HH Wildlife Removal, we use humane traps that don’t harm most of the animals. Aside from rat and mice traps, all of our cages trap the animal and allow us to release the animal in a safe time, manner, and area. We know animals in your home can be a nuisance, but many of them are simply trying to find a safe place to live. They are beautiful creatures (mostly) and we want to ensure they are able to continue with their lives while not interfering with ours.

In California, there are many regulations for trapping animals and it takes specific knowledge about their behavior to engage in effective wildlife removal. At HH Wildlife Removal, we are licensed and experienced in addressing any type of opossum, raccoon, rat, bird, bat, or skunk problem.

If you have any questions about a problem you might have, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss with you several options.