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Cleaning Restoration

Attic Cleaning & Restoration

Majority of wildlife animals that attack houses are most likely to dwell in attics. This can lead to severe structural damage and require professional attic cleaning and restoration. HHWildlife has skilled experts at attic cleaning and decontamination in the San Fernando valley area who can thoroughly clean your attics by disinfecting and sanitizing them and sweeping away any mess. Any wooden, insulation or wiring damages can also be fixed by our team for attic cleaning. If any raccoons, rats, bats, squirrels or other animals have taken a liking to your attics then give us a call. Our attic cleaning team in the San Fernando Valley are experts at removing animal and decontaminating spaces.

Crawl Space Cleaning

Crawl space cleaning can be very tough owing to little space. It requires thorough examination to ensure no mess is left in any nook or corner. HHWildlife’s team in the San Fernando valley specializes in cleaning crawl spaces, decontaminating, and restoring them if any damage has been caused by animals. Crawl spaces are often neglected sections of the house which contribute to your home air and environment quality significantly. Any foul smell or droppings or dead animal down there can easily contaminate your entire house without being visible. Get in touch with our San Fernando valley crawl space cleaning and decontamination team for restoration services today.


Client Satisfaction – Our Priority

HH Wildlife has years of experience in treating residential and commercial properties in need of animal removal services. We visit as needed and can effectively protect your property from being and becoming a nesting spot for any wild life animals or critters. We are prompt in our arrival and service delivery to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

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Licensed & Insured Cleaning & Restoration

Wildlife has been offering cleaning and restoration services to clients whose property has fallen victim to wildlife animals and their antics. Our specialists in the San Fernando Valley will clean your attics and crawl spaces and remove animal droppings, feces and carcasses. Any damages caused by wildlife or other reasons are also repaired, leaving your spaces as good as new.