Often times, you may find dead animal carcasses in various places within or outside of your home. Dead animal removal of pigeons, bats, feral cats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats, possums, rats, and even snakes is something that HH Wildlife Removal can do for you. We also remove the lesser found animals that may take a liking to your backyards such as groundhogs, moles, gophers, and many more!

Most often homeowners would rather dispose of these animals themselves, but there are proper procedures and hygienic ways to remove and clean remains from dead animals. Improper disposal of dead animals may lead to spreading of diseases which can be harmful to humans and pets. Some diseases can be transmitted through the air or from contact with bodily fluids. Improper dead animal disposal may also attract other species such as skunks, possums, raccoons, rats. Additionally, insects and bacteria build up can occur, which can be hazardous to humans as well.


We also clean and sanitize any mess, residue or stench left by the deceased animal. If the animal was somewhere in a building, we will also do prevention from future nest building of the same or other creatures. Dead animal removal clean ups are highly essential especially for rabies carrying animals such as raccoons, opossums, cats, coyotes, bats, and skunks or any warm-blooded mammal.

Other disease carrying wildlife animals that should be removed properly are rats, mice and snakes. Read more under the following animals to learn more about them:

It is always best to have a wildlife removal professional come out and do the dead animal removal task for you. No task is too small or too impossible for HH Wildlife Removal. For dead animal removal services, Contact Us Here.