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Crawl space cleaning: Do’s & Don’ts

What is a crawl space? This is a part of your house that is located beneath the first level. It is usually where the ventilation system, insulation and plumbing are located. The crawl space is an important space in your home that you may not know of. Why do you need a crawl space? If you needed repairs or installation to be done for your piping, ventilation or to replace insulation, you will be happy to have a crawl space instead of breaking through your walls.

Why should you clean your Crawl Space?

The crawl space has an essential function to your home. It may not be often used but its purpose is constantly needed. The crawl space is needed for proper airflow and ventilation. It also holds some of the essential parts of your home together such as the piping, plumbing, ventilation system and insulation. The reason this particular space is called the crawl space is because there is enough space to enter if you crawl through it. The crawl space is also an added value to your home. Having a crawl space is protection against the elements and fortuitous events such as floods, or tree roots that are creeping under your home, pests such as rat infestations, and shifting ground. The crawl space protects against such problems because it lifts the house above and leaves space for these problems. So why should you clean your crawl space? The crawl space is where your vents are found. Most homes that have crawl spaces have vents in the home that is part of the ventilation system. The vents help with the air flow of your home. If you crawl space is dirty or unsanitary than you would be inhaling dirty air. Crawl space cleaning is recommended yearly or at least every two years. There are far more other reasons to clean your crawl space. These would be to remove any old or ruined insulation underneath, to check for dry rot or mold and mildew underneath your house, and to remove any wildlife that have decided to take abode underneath your home in your house crawl space.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Crawl Space Cleaning

Crawl space cleaning companies are helpful when you need to get your crawl space cleaned. Do not attempt to clean your crawl space yourself. Aside from it being a hard task to do, you will not be able to pay attention or give it the proper cleaning that is needed. Crawl space cleaning pros have the equipment that is needed for crawl space cleaning. They also know what kind of cleaning needs to be done after inspecting your crawl space. These professionals also know what to look for when in your crawl space. Crawl space cleaning requires knowledge in knowing what you are looking for. It is not just dirt but there are a variety of things to look for. During the inspection of your crawl space, these professionals will look to see what kind of problem they are dealing with. They will check to see if it is just:

1. A simple maintenance crawl space clean out, which is just suctioning of debris and dirt out from under your crawl space. Nothing wrong with the insulation, or piping.

2. Pest infestation, which maybe a rat infestation whereas they will have to trap the rats and then remove the feces, contaminated dirt with rat urine, and any food scraps that were left around the crawl space. The area will also have to be disinfected since rats’ feces and urine carry diseases. They will check to see if insulation and piping is well intact or if the rats have chewed through it and if it needs to be replaced.

3. Cleaning and removal of mold and mildew and if there is dry rot underneath the foundation.

4. Stagnant water removal and mud removal due to flooding or leaking pipes.

5. Crawl space preventative measures, which includes wildlife proofing the crawl space and sealing holes or entry ways that rats or raccoons and even snakes would use to get into the crawl space.

Your house crawl space has a number of uses but you have to make sure to take care of it. A crawl space is important, and you should have maintenance for the crawl space to ensure that your airflow, the plumbing, insulation and pipes are all working as they should.

Call your nearest crawl space company and schedule a crawl space cleaning. You want to be sure that your crawl space is being taken care of. Do not try and clean your crawl space by yourself. It may end up costing you a lot more money and your time. Crawl space cleaning pros will always tell you what you need and give you additional things that you may want to do by yourself or have them do. They will always give you all the best options for your home and your family. A clean and maintained crawl space will give you and your home the proper balance it needs to keep you and your family healthy. It will also keep you from having any other problems with your crawl space that may lead to plumbing or piping issues. We all know that these problems would cost more than just a simple crawl space clean out. So get your crawl space cleaning today.

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