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How to dispose of dead animals

Are smelling something funky in the air? A stench that is off putting? Then you may have a dead animal somewhere around your home. Dead animals usually happen when nesting animals around your property either kill a prey or some of their offspring get killed by a predator. In other instances, rodents may get trapped in walls or you may have tried to do animal removal and prevention methods by yourself—like setting down poison, and the animal ate the poison and decided to lounge somewhere in your attic or crawl space. Dead animal smell is one of worst smells you can have around your house, especially if it is a dead skunk.

Dead animal removal services would be the best way to get rid of the carcass and to help ease the smell. Do not attempt an animal removal by yourself because there are steps that need to be followed for it to be done in a sanitary and safe manner.

Why do you need to Call Dead Animal Removal Services?

Animal removal on its own is already a daunting task. Removal of a dead animal is a who different game. You have to be experienced to know if you are doing it correctly. Firstly, you would have located where the dead animal is. You cannot mainly relay on your sense of smell. If the wind is blowing, you may be smelling it but to pinpoint the exact location of the dead animal would be hard. This is where animal removal experts come in. They will be able to determine where a dead animal is and not just looking around and not finding anything. You do not want to drill a hole into your wall and not find anything. Wildlife removal companies will be able to determine and locate where the animal is. They will able to remove the carcass and any remains that may be left behind especially if the animal was killed by a predator. Also, if there is a dead animal nearby the predator such as a snake may also be lurking closely where it is. Rats will also lurk around the area. Once the carcass is placed in a sealed bag, it will be disposed of properly—do not throw them in your garbage cans. The area then has to be sanitized and disinfected properly.

Why do you need to Disinfect the area?

You may think that it would not be necessary to do since it is located outside of your home if you find it in your crawl space or attic, or even outside in your yard. Wild animals often times carry parasites, viruses and bacteria. These parasites, viruses and bacteria will stay in the wild animal, but will not cause them harm most of the time. They are not susceptible to these pathogens. Humans, however, can be highly susceptible to the diseases that are carried by dead animals, especially from rats. When the animal cannot sustain the parasites, viruses or bacteria anymore, these pathogens will look for another living host. This is why disinfecting the area properly and the surrounding area is absolutely necessary.

Disposing of the Dead Animal

You may assume you can clean the dead animal carcass by yourself and do a better job of disinfecting the place.

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